I'm passionate about photography. This is the means by which I am able to express myself artistically. My goal is to share with others all that I see around me, as I see it through my mind's eye. To give others a sense of the emotions I get from the world around me. My "photographic eye" is eclectic, whatever attracts my curiosity. My Vision Statement is as follows:

Two things have led me through my life, a sense of adventure and great curiosity. They have gotten me into mischief, but given me great joy and satisfaction. The quest for adventure always has me going to new places and seeing new things. The pull of curiosity pushes me to ‘walk over that next hill’ just to see what is there. If I see something wonderful or intriguing, I want to shout “Look what I found”, I want to share what I see. My photography is my way of sharing.


As I have gained life experiences (and hopefully matured), I realize I see things in different ways and I would like for you to get a glimpse of life the way I see it. When I walk through a forest of old gnarly trees, I don’t just see color in the landscape, I also see mystery, and fear of the unknown. When I wonder around an old mine site, I see the remnants of men driven by greed or hope, and the lives and fortunes that were lost. When I explore what is left of an old ghost town, whether actual buildings or just a few foundations, I envision hundreds of people struggling in a new world and want you to feel their hardship and dreams. My photos are my way of sharing these views, feelings and insights with you, with the hope that you might see and feel them, too.


My curiosity has me photographing old doors, a discarded piece of machinery, an iconic view from a new angle, something different and new. My goal is to have people look at my photographs and not say “What a pretty view” or “Oh, he was lucky to be there”. I don’t want them to be just a record of where I have been or what I have done. My goal is to record, with my camera and without words, my emotions at the time, whether in awe of beauty, excitement in discovery or marveling at history.


The best compliment I’ve had was a friend who said “… they ( your photos) are no longer just snapshots, but you are now taking photographs.”

In the world of photography, I have much to learn, which is both exciting and sobering for me. I am following my path and developing my vision, but (hopefully) have a ways to go on this journey, to give what I see and feel to others in the best possible light. I want to invite you to join me on that journey, to travel along with me. It will be worth the trip.

LevinO Photography